Blue Flight !

Last Week I Left In A Hurry To Go On Holiday To The South Of France.
I Even Missed Out On Baron's Grill Fest !
All For Nothin' Now It Seems...
Because My Crew Has The Same Level Of Intelligence As The Guy's In The Pics Below,
I Had To Take The Train Back Home, Leaving The Ol' Lady, The Kids, Dog And Car Behind.
 There's A Flipside To That Coin Though:
 *!* Party Hard *!*


Bought Me This Frame For The Shovel,
...More Style Than My Previous Frame...
Picked It Up Today


I'm Proud To Present Our Newest Member To The Crack Unit:

Redneck Is All About Dedication !


Spent Last Weekend In Chimay At The 1st European Hot Rod & Custom Show.
Pretty Sure It's A First And Last For Me:
Really Expensive, Unorganized, Ridiculously Early Last Call's,
But After A Few Beers And Being In The Company Of Great Friends
We Had Some Good Times!

Drag Strip:


? ? ?

 Just Plain Fun And Laughs!

Were Invited At The Harley Brothers And Garage Hangout Tent To Grab Us Some BBQ,
Them Dudes Have Some Nice Bikes As Well. 

Whoops ...Drinkin' And Drivin'...

We Love Andreas 's Meat
- Uhm, That Sounds Way Too Weird -

Pic Stolen From Rogues MC Blog

Awesome Dudes To Hang Out With:
Redneck, Andreas (Virgan82) and Bagger
We'll Keep In Touch, That's For Sure!

Back To The Tent To Have Some More Beer And Exercise

New Member Of The Crack Unit

Gill Killing It On The Guitar !

Jonathan Decided To Ride With Me To Antwerp And Spend Some Time With Us.
Sunday The Weather Was Shitty And Of Course That's When He Needs To Break Down,
And I'm Just Standing There, Takin' A Picture...
He Fixed It In Just A Few Minutes Though,
SU-Carb Clogged Up

All Of His Gear Needed Two Days Of Drying...

I'm Proud To Call Jonathan My Friend And Honored To Have Had Him As A Guest!
You Have A Good Trip Bro!