Rise Against

Yesterday My Brother And I Went To Brussels To See Rise Against.
Kind Of Political Sometimes, But Apart From That, Great Sound And Good Songs.
Great Show!
 ...Pics Taken With My Phone So Very Poor Quality...

Can Anyone Recognise This Beer Belly Buddy Bundle!


I've Finaly Put The Engine Back Together.

Got This Big Ass Dragrace Gearbox Really Cheap,
But There's No Way I Can Fit The Rear Tire Right Now

Placed It All In The Frame, Just To See What It Will Look Like.

 Gonna Replace With A Kickstarter

The Frame Needs A Lot Of Modifications To Fit All Of This

Close Shave

This Weekend I Started Shaving The Fork Legs:

I'm Happy With The Result !

Watch Out Ladies ! !

For This Blog I First Chose The Name 'Crack Unit'
(For All You Spec Ops Guy's, Huhum)
But In This Case 'Crack' Referring To A Worker Man's Behind, 

And 'Eunid' To Make My Unit More Solo...
Now I Found This Acronym Which Gives It Even More Cachet:

* All Pieces Just Fall Into Place *


Gonzo: The Life And Work Of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

Super Bowl XLVI

Can't Seem To Ever Win Against Those Giants !

Lost 21 To 17

  It Was A Good Game Though

Gubble Gubble...

Felt Pretty Much Like This Dude Yesterday.

Those Garage Nights Can Get Pretty Late Sometimes!