So The Six Fiddy Is Finally Ready
Went For A Ride With Nilz Yesterday


Yesterday I Put In The Electronic Ignition From Boyer Bransden.

 Did The Wiring 'Crack Eunid Style'


Welded On Some Seat Bolts As Well As The Arse Protector

 Wheel Back In With New Brakepads And De-Rusted Chaindrive


The Camel Toe

Practical :

Bumpy :

Lazy :

Dresscode :


Push Up :

Milli Vanilli :

Cut Here :

Button Bells :

Style :

Wedgie :

Super Hot :

 Down Under :

Stumbled :

Fake :

Opposition :

Factual :

Wannabe :

Business :

Male :

Camel Tow :

From Behind :



Since The Kettle Was Dismantled Anyway, I Took The Opportunity To Take Out The Startermotor And Install Custom Made Block-Off Caps

Also Installed The New Keihin PWK's Specially Designed For The Six Fiddy,
Aluminum Spacers, Small Bend So The Carbs Level Out,
Overall Better Performance.

No Stress

This Is Where I'm At With The Bike, And We're Leaving In Two Weeks...

Oh, Did I Mention I Might Go To Lyon This Sunday For About A Week And A Half ?

No Stress, It'll Be Allright... 
...Pretty Sure It'll Be Allright...

Who's The King?

Dog Eat Dog Killed It Last Friday, Felt 16 Again...

Poke Him In The Eye

Got This Cool Board, Dedicated To The Crack Unit !

John and Hank

Me and John

Stolen From

!!! Good Times !!!