Arse Protection

 I'm Not Much Of A Welder, But Hey,
This Thing Does What It's Made For:
It Keeps The Hair From Burning Off My Behind

Tom Brady

Another NFL Record Set !

- Patriots Vs  Broncos -
45   -   10

Five TD's In A Single Half Of A Play-Off Game !

- A Direct End To The Tebowmania -


New Old Stock Rear Tire.

Rides Really Sweet !

Sweden / Bottrop

We're Ridin' To The Jokers Car & Bike Show This Year !

First Time I'm Goin' To Sweden.

!!! Super Stoked !!!

Then After That, The Ride From Sweden To Bottrop:

This Could Well Be The Biggest Run Of The Year !!!

Say Yes To Crack !

Hello ,

And Welcome To My New Blog!