Six Fiddy: Progress

Fender Mount, Oiltank Mount

Cut The Forward Controls, Frame Clean Up

Mid Controls

 Fork Stop

Wheel Cover


We Welcome Our Newest Member To The Crack Unit:
Wolf Death Traps MC working on his scoot.

Thx JBW For Your Support
Say Yay To Crack - CFFC!!

Eternal Combustion

A Few Weeks (Read Months) Back, Jonathan Hooked Me Up With Craze From Eternal Combustion.
Straight Up Guy With Some Really Cool Gear!
Check Out His New Website: 
If You Need Something And It's Not On The Site, Just Drop Him A Mail:

Thanks Again Craze!
...And Jonathan Of Course...


Haven't Got Much Time To Be Posting Stuff,
Even Less Time To Work On The Shovel.

But Managed To Put The Front End In,
And It Looks Rad!


Blue Flight !

Last Week I Left In A Hurry To Go On Holiday To The South Of France.
I Even Missed Out On Baron's Grill Fest !
All For Nothin' Now It Seems...
Because My Crew Has The Same Level Of Intelligence As The Guy's In The Pics Below,
I Had To Take The Train Back Home, Leaving The Ol' Lady, The Kids, Dog And Car Behind.
 There's A Flipside To That Coin Though:
 *!* Party Hard *!*